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Bitch patch pinstripe skirt 10
Bitch patch pinstripe skirt 10
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Once you register for an account with Drac-in-a-Box you will only ever need to enter your email address and password when you're next checking out as all other details will be stored securely. Please note, however, we will NOT store your credit card details - only the last four digits of your card and your card type. All other information is stored offline (again, with the last four digits MISSING to protect your security). You are also able to update your account details with any changes, and request a lost password to be sent to the registered email address.

Account History
From the moment you register with Drac-in-a-Box, you will have full access to your order history. This will give you the ability to view your previous and current orders, check the status of them LIVE online, refresh your memory of the order details and even query the order directly through our Customer Services interface.

As a registered customer, you are also entitled to earn BatPoints based on your purchases at Drac-in-a-Box. Once your account has been set up, you will be given the basic account status and can start earning points with every purchase. Points details are as follows:
  • Spend 1 to earn 1 point(s)
  • Exchange 200 points for a discount of 1 from your order.
Please note: You will not be able to spend any points until you have earned a minimum of 100 points.

VIP Account Status
At Drac-in-a-Box, we believe in rewarding our regular customers for their continued support. Our VIP Accounts are rewarded depending on overall spend on the store and are awarded manually. If you're chosen to become a VIP Account holder, you will recieve an automatic discount on ALL purchases made through the store, regardless of the order total. The account tiers are as follows:

Bronze0% discount
Silver3% discount
Gold8% discount

Please note: Loyalty points will no longer apply if you have a VIP account, but you will be given the choice of whether you wish to upgrade to a VIP account and lose your points, or retain your basic account and all points.

Product Availability Notification
If a product that you're interested in buying is temporarily out of stock, being a registered customer means you have the ability to request to be notified when this item becomes available. Once the item back in stock, Drac-in-a-Box will email you automatically to let you know, and you'll be able to click on a link directly within your email to save you searching for the product on our store.

Wish List
If something on our store grabs your attention, but you don't necessarily want to purchase straight away, you can add the product to your Wish List. Alternatively, add any number of products to your Wish List and email your friends and family with a direct link to your personal Wish List page. Once they arrive at the page, they will be able to purchase any items from your list and they will be removed immediately, preventing anyone from doubling up on the gift. Ideal for upcoming special occasions! Adding to the Wish List is done through any product's main page. To remove products from the Wish List, click on the red "cross" to the left of the item in your list.

Product Reviews
Have your opinion immortalised at Drac-in-a-Box by writing a product review to help your fellow shoppers. After all, no-one knows more about a product than the end-user, and if you can guide someone towards the perfect product for their needs then we want to give you that opportunity. All customers (registered or visiting) can view reviews, but only registered customers are able to submit reviews for inclusion on the store.

Recently Viewed Items
Quickly jump between the last FIVE products that you viewed by following the links in the Recently Viewed Items area. The simplest way to compare and keep track of your movements on the store.

Exclusive Offers
From time to time, Drac-in-a-Box may manually select a group of registered account holders to receive exclusive offers, free gifts or discount vouchers. These are NOT regular newsletters and will only be available to registered customers which meet a certain criteria at the time.

  Store Top Sellers
1. Gothic Wool Priest Coat Male
2. Gothic dark shades lipstick
3. The ultimate stretch drain-pipe goth jeans
4. Gothic vibrant and dark shades eyeshadow
5. Gothic shades nail polish
6. Gloss PVC skin tight gothic jeans
7. Gothic glamour glitter lipstick
8. Victoriana mid calf boots UK 5.5
9. Gothic and Lolita fingerless wrist length gloves with black rose
10. Skin tight gothic PVC leggings size M
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Below is a list of all our categories and subcategories for quick and easy access
Cyber Accessories (9)
Googles (2)
Industrial and Cyber Neckless and Choker (2)
Respirators (5)

Cyber and Industrial (9)
Cyber and clubwear (7)
Cyber clearance sale (2)

Footwear (46)
Girly Shoes (11)
Highest heels (6)
Kick-Ass Boots (4)
Other shoes heels (6)
Period footwear (7)
Platform Boots (8)
Winkle pickers (3)
Winkle pickers heels (1)

Gothic Accessories (30)
Accessories and trims (2)
Bags (6)
Compact Mirrors (1)
Gothic key chain (1)
Hair (6)
Hair accessories (3)
Hats (4)
Scarfs (4)
Umbrellas and Parasols (1)
Wallets (2)

Gothic Makeup (25)
Gothic eye makeup (16)
Gothic lipstick (3)
Gothic nails (2)
Makeup (4)

Gothic Plus Size (26)
Business Suits (1)
Girls jeans (5)
Gothic bridal wear (6)
Gowns (6)
Jackets (7)
Swimwear and Lingere (1)

Greeting Cards (40)
Gothic Greetings Cards Birthday and General (18)
Gothic Greetings Cards Christmas (13)
Gothic Greetings Cards Congratulations (3)
Gothic Greetings Cards Valentines and Romantic (6)

Jewellery (44)
Accessories and trims (1)
Bracelets (5)
Earrings (7)
Face jewellery (1)
Hair accessories (2)
Necklaces and chokers (17)
Pierced (3)
Rings (7)
Watches (1)

Mens Stuff (57)
Accessories and trims (1)
Capes (1)
Guys skirts (2)
Guys tops (12)
Jackets (11)
Jeans (16)
Shirts (10)
Tops Other Alternative and Punk (4)

The Gothic Bookshop (4)

Womens Stuff (256)
Accessories and trims (3)
Business Suits (1)
Corsets overbust fashion (9)
Corsets overbust steel boned (15)
Corsets underbust fashion (2)
Corsets underbust steel boned (6)
Girls jeans (12)
Gloves (4)
Gothic bridal wear (9)
Gowns (12)
Hosiery (25)
Jackets (21)
Latex Clothing (2)
Leggings (1)
Lets go to bed (1)
Maternity (2)
Occasion (3)
Shiny catsuits (1)
Short dresses (23)
Skirts long (23)
Skirts mid length (9)
Skirts short (19)
Swimwear and Lingere (6)
Tops Blouses Girls Shirts (7)
Tops Bustiers (4)
Tops Jumpers and Hoodies (3)
Tops Other Alternative and Punk (6)
Tops Other Gothic (16)
Tops strappy (11)