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Military stripe mens trousers
Military stripe mens trousers
£ 79.00
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This page is dedicated to Drac-in-a-Box Gothic Clothing customers wearing the gothic clothing and gothic accessories they have purchased from us. Below are a multitude of photographs we have been sent by our gorgeous customers. We wish to thank all our wonderful customers both shown here and not for their continued custom and support. Without you we truly would be nothing.

If you have submitted a photo which isn't on any of these pages please write to us again with the photo, your name (or the name of the person wearing the item if different) please ensure you have both customer's and photographers permission to submit the photo to us. If you would like a link to your website please give us those details. There are a few photos we are showing where the information as to the customers name has been lost. If you are able to enlighten us please do.
And so on to the gorgeously gothic beauties in their gorgeously gothic garb....
  Michael Wilk  Christina Scabbia  
Michael Wilk  Christina Scabbia c/o MTV
Di Lena Chris
Billie Craig and Niki
Billie Craig and Niki
 Lena Lily
Michael Lily and Lisa
Amaryllis Sam
Amaryllis Sam
Sheila Luke
Melanie Sabrina Bellydancer
Nick in Venice Phillipa
Leanne Christy and wedding party
Nicole Christy and her bridesmaids
Luke & Callie Karen
Shannon Maria (Saloon Girl boots white)
Lene Angel Lene & Tom

If you would like to submit a photograph of yourself in an outfit you bought from Drac-in-a-Box please send a photo to
Please submit your photos, help us fill this page with dozens and dozens of photos of gothic beauties in gothic clothing, gotische kleidung, ropa gótica, habillement gothique, vestiti gotici or gotische kleding. Have you bought a gothic wedding dress or a Victorian bustier and skirt set for your gothic wedding? Have you purchased a top hat and Victorian gothic frock coat? Do you have any photos of you wearing our gorgeously gothic Priest Coat, or our Victorian doll gothic lolita jacket? We'd love to see you in your glamourously gothic Drac-in-a-Box fashions. Or in your super sexy gothic clubwear. Or even in your simply elegant gothic daywear, frilly gothic shirt and skin tight drainpipes, big lace or velvet gothic skirt and velvet medieval sleeved top, we want pictures of you in your gothic t-shirt and black jeans. Send them all and let us show the world how gothic you, our customers are. Maybe you aren't gothic but enjoy Drac-in-a-Box Gothic Clothing all the same, maybe you like the steam punk look and have adapted some of our Victorian creations into your wardrobe, we really want to see. Maybe you're original punk and have adorned yourself in fishnet or tartan from our range of gothic punk clothing. Maybe you're emo or rockabilly. Maybe you've bought an outfit for Halloween or a corset to look gorgeously feminine with your hour glass figure. Maybe you just wish to look different to your friends and have mixed some of our gothic clothing designs into a more normal wardrobe, we really, really want to see. So please, please, please send through those photos.
  Store Top Sellers
1. Gothic Wool Priest Coat Male
2. Gothic dark shades lipstick
3. The ultimate stretch drain-pipe goth jeans
4. Gothic vibrant and dark shades eyeshadow
5. Gothic shades nail polish
6. Gloss PVC skin tight gothic jeans
7. Gothic glamour glitter lipstick
8. Victoriana mid calf boots UK 5.5
9. Gothic and Lolita fingerless wrist length gloves with black rose
10. Skin tight gothic PVC leggings size M
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