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Gothic Links to Gothic Webpages

Secret Carousel is the UK's independent fashion directory, a comprehensive guide to the best the UK has to offer online in cool & unique clothing and accessories

Carmilla Voiez, Drac-in-a-Box's founder Carmilla Voiez is a published author. Here is her webpage.

Gothic Magazines, Gothic E-zines and Gothic info pages....

Net Goth map, the amazing net goth map of events, clubs, shops and more.

Nemesis to Go, Uncle Nemesis' great new webzine. Check it out, we're already fans.

World Goth Day, a celebration of all things gothic. Join us on the 22nd May, each and every year.
Gothic Beauty Magazine, Full of gothic fashion and gothic clothing, fashion spreads, interesting articles and advice plus it's crammed with photographs. Worth checking out.
Elegy Magazine, a French language gothic music, gothic clothing and lifestyle magazine, packed with interesting articles and amazing photographs.
Elegy Iberica, the sister magazine to the French language version above. In Portuguese, Spanish or English. Once again packed with gothic music, gothic clothing and gothic fashion articles.
The Chronicles, LVGs magazine
Bite Me, UK vampire magazine with articles of gothic clothing, fashion and style plus literature, art and music.
Goth Magazine, a new gothic fashion and gothic clothing e-zine that we have very high hopes for and is set to be popular.
Meltdown Magazine, details of what Natasha is up to since the final issue of the sadly missed Meltdown Magazine can be read here.
Sentimentalist Magazine, another great gothic magazine, full of gothic music, art, literarture and gothic fashion which appears to have stopped publishing. I weep...
Steam Punk Magazine, retro futurism. A fabulous mix of Victorian or Edwardian style with fictional tenchnology. A subculture in which your imagination is the only restriction. And there's a magazine to peruse too.
Bizarre Magazine, Full of tattoos, the macabre and gorgeous gothic and fetish models.
Skin Two, Probably the most important Fetish magazine, with so many beautiful photos. Over 18's.
Scathe Web and his History of Goth, an intelligent and informative guide to the history of gothic subculture it's foundations, the music and the lifestyle.
Gothic Fun.... 

Adventures in Drac-in-a-Box our own Gothic comic strip

Take a Bite, a fun page with the essential (if somewhat tongue in cheek) Goth Test, LOL.
Tim Burton Collective, a place for Tim Burton fans to get their fix.
Isles of Darkness, Gothic LARP (UK).
Assassin, Fun games for freaky minds.
Goth Greetings, Gothic E-cards to send to your friends. Covers all the holidays and celebrations you (or at least we) could think of.
Creepy Cards, digi postcards to send to your closest enemies ;-)
Gothic Music and Events...

Thirteen13, Gothic music promotion for Gothic, Death Rock and Dark Wave bands

Uncle Nem, Nemesis Promotion's archive page, a history of a gothic icon.
Whitby Goth Weekend, a bi-annual haven for UK gothics.
Aviemore Goth Weekend, Scotland's answer to WGW.
Resurrection Records, the trad goth record label plus great gothic music for sale.
Pandaimonium Records, represent new and exciting dark wave bands.
Project Darkwave, mail order gothic and darkwave music catalogue.
Slimelight, London Goth and Industrial night club.
The Wendy House, well loved Leeds goth and alternative 80's night club.
Elizium, Aberdeen's occasional goth club. Carmilla's playlist at
Friends with gothic commercial websites

Miss Needles Gothic accessories and hair from Miss Needles.

Spooky Toy Inc an brilliant Aberdeenshire resource for all your spooky toy needs.
Antoinette's Magical jewellery and decor a wonderful site from a talented Aberdeen artist.
Decadent Candy handmade jewellery from the UK.
Gothic Spirit Alchemy gothic jewelry, accessories, gifts and clothing,including the Alchemy UL17 and Alchemy UL13 jewelry ranges. Highly originalAlchemy designed jewelry. 100% secure online ordering and easy to use website.
 Gothic and Dark Art

Michael Wilk Paintings and Drawings of Cinematic and Personal Imagery. Produced a beautiful portrait of me in Dracula's castle which hangs on my staircase.

Hamilton Art Works Dark Fantasy,Occult,neo surrealism! affordable art prints and online galleries.
Think the world is're absolutely right
Do something to help make it a better place....
Check out the Sophie Lancaster Foundation website or share the Sophie video with your friends.
Join Amnesty International's fight to help people who have been subjected to Human Rights abuses.
Check out Half the Sky and do something wonderful to help improve the lives of women around the world.
Find out more about the anti-war work of Justice not Vengence or Brian Haw. Or lobby parliament so we can get the absolute right to protest peacefully once more. Find out more about the state of Civil Liberties within Europe. Take a stand to stop ID cards and the likely movement towards a police state. Join Mark Thomas and his Mass Lone Demos outside Westminster. Get involved in the Campaign against the Arms Trade. Find out about the REAL world news.
Help Greenpeace protect the Earth's environmental interests. Find out more about the Environmental and Anti-Globalisation movements, are they for you? Find out more about slavery in the modern world. Find out who are the 14 most evil corporations in the world.
Other stuff

Gothic Match is a dating site for lonely dark hearted people to find their soul mate. Just incase the club scene isn't doing it for you anymore. 

This page is still under development and will be added to very soon.
If you have a website, or a favourite website which you feel would be of interest to Drac-in-a-Box customers feel free to email us with the URL. We are only interested in adding links to sites which have a gothic music or culture content, i.e. any Gothic or alternative bands, Goth or Rock night-clubs, Gothic festivals or Vampire or Horror films. Or links to organisations (like the Bat Conservation Trust) which may be of interest to our customers.
If we are happy to add your link we will do so at our next page update. Due to the volume of requests we get, if we decide not to add your link, it is very possible that we may not write back to you with our reasons. I am sorry but we simply will not add links to dating agencies, pay for view sites (other than those of our own models) or other gothic clothing or footwear retailers.
If you would like to link to us you should right click on the image below to save it to your hard drive, upload it onto your website and link it to the URL If you prefer to hot link you can do so using the code below the Drac-in-a-Box Gothic Clothing banner. However if we change the image location at any point you will end up with a broken image on your website so we would always recommend you use the save image method.
Drac In A Box banner
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You will need to remove the 3 dots after the < signs
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7. Gothic glamour glitter lipstick
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9. Gothic and Lolita fingerless wrist length gloves with black rose
10. Skin tight gothic PVC leggings size M
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